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Happy New Year!!!

Happy wonderful 2013 to all!!!

I am grateful and blessed for the year that was and I am hoping for the same this year.

I am sharing this wonderful photo I saw online to encourage us to be more veg this year ;)


Let's go VEG

Let’s go VEG


*thanks Google for the photo.


The day of Easy Vegetarian Christmas Special


eggless bibingka


eggless mayo or soyanaise




eggless salad


my full plate with bibingka, salad and the bonus vegetarian relleno

Isn’t it wonderful to be VEG. With these foods, you will never go back to being carnivorous again.

If you need recipes, I will post it here.

Again, forgive me if i didn’t say this will be picture heavy.

Photos taken by my nifty iPhone4s.

Easy Vegetarian Christmas Special cooking class

Aloha my dear readers! I know its been months since I last blogged, I have been über busy at work and time management left me for a while. ;)

Anyways, I love attending cooking classes. Now tomorrow, I know this is a short notice, I am attending the Easy Vegetarian Christmas Special cooking class. It is held in SITEC or Science of Identity Training and Educational Center. I’ve never been there but I know we are up for a treat. Don’t fret if you can’t attend tomorrow, I know they have more to come. I don’t know if they have Facebook but I will check that out tomorrow. In the meantime. here is the poster I was able to snatch online.


Easy Vegetarian Christmas Special poster


It’s gonna be fun ‘coz I am bringing my non-vegetarian friend along. Will share some photos and recipes after. That’s a promise! :)

The LOVE-nder cleanse

As you know by now, we are back to our humble abode after a few weeks of traipsing in Mindanao. During our vacation, we ate some junk foods here and there as well as sodas. Grabe, I made a vow not to eat them but I am only human. LOL :) I need to detox!!! Now naaa.

Without any further ado, I am attending this workshop this coming weekend. Actually, I have some other workshops lined up to attend this month of September but this is the first one so far. I will post the rest of the events that I will join so if you are interested, you can try them too. Sounds good?!? :)

Anyways, I’ve wanted to try the RAW diet pero ang hirap, hahaha! Imagine, NOT-COOKING-YOUR-FOOD to get the nutrients first hand. I know it’s very matipid but thats a different story.  This weekend, is like the starter course of getting into the RAW diet. Now, I am not only attending to cleanse out from the junk that we’ve digested in the past weeks, months,etc but also for my hubby. He’s got Hepa B and it is important for us to make sure that his liver is protected amidst that disease. Buti nalang, he is slowly shifting to the vegetarian diet  way way back even before he got that disease (blame it on the turo-turo food).

Here is the poster from Dahon Kusina. I think they are the pioneer in introducing this workshop and they are very well-known in the RAW community here in the Philippines.


So this workshop aims to help us in cleansing and detoxing. We’ve tried DIY detox before but we are giving a formal method of leaning it a try :), though we just have to spend a few pesos for that.

Let me share some excerpts from their site about this upcoming workshop.

Cleansing and detox is a crucial step in clearing our body of both physical and emotional toxins that have accumulated over the years.

In this workshop, learn some protocols that you can choose from (from mild to heavy), learn all about the importance and functions of the liver in the detoxification process – all while learning some easy-to-prepare recipes that aim to support your cleanse.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
To register, you may email or send us a PM.
They have a limit of 12 participants only, so be sure to book in advance.


…that’s what my hubby said during our travel. He thought of the name and i find it interesting and right for our lifestyle.

From now on,  we will name our travel adventures “LakbayGulay”.  Lakbay is travel in Filipino and Gulay is of course veggies. What do you think?

“The highs and lows of being vegetarians on the road, sight-seeing, being on a budget, enjoying the wonders of nature, meeting people and learning. We are here to document and  share it. ” This is what drives us to travel. Hope you will join us  again in our future travels.

As a kick-off for our first adventure, let me share some of the photos we took. We saw so many trees, walked the beach, swam in the beach, falls, climbed stairs, talked to strangers and a lot more. It opened our eyes and thanked God for such marvels.  We are so blessed that we have this.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Do you recognize some of the places? Will tell you more about it in a few days!  :)

Happy World Vegetarian Day

Better late than never. I know I am uber late. To all my veggie-lovin friends, readers, and visitors, may this put a smile on your face and heart.

I saw this poster, modified it a bit and I thought that this is worth sharing.

a happy world vegetarian day to you.The world vegetarian day last until the 1st of November and thern after that, it is World Vegan day! More info here.

Resto Reviews

Allow me to introduce the other part of my blog which I call the RR segment or Resto Review/s. In the future, you will definitely see more reviews coming (if our budget permits) while we keep a low profile. We want to really see what each resto has to offer in their usual state and not because a writer/blogger is there to write about them. Since we are vegetarians, we will only feature vegetarian, vegan and veg*n friendly places. Maybe some health stores as well. No place for cruelty here, entiendes?!?

Each review is based only on our personal experience, how the food tasted, the place and some other stuff. Also, we pay for our own food. How I wish it will be free BUT we are veggie undercover agents so no act of enticement or bribery of free veggie food will alter us. hahaha :)

Fast forward now. How we review? I made up a factor system below to help out other veg out there or my readers (if any :0 ) to decide whether to go there or not. I based them on the our five senses. A good way to make those senses active. Hope this can help.

Sight – how we perceive the place. The physical attribute of the resto and then some.  Proper lighting? Beautiful landscapes? Squeaky Clean? Hygienic? Eccentric tables and chairs? I will also add on this part at least the “how to get to the resto” kind of stuff since we don’t have a car.

Smell – the mood and character of the place. Relaxing? feels like you’re on a different place? Hippie type? Did it smell of spices?

Taste – this is where our taste buds is tested. we will always keep an open mind and empty stomach :) in each place.

Touch – not the touch that you are thinking. I decided to tweak this factor since touch is somewhat synonymous feelings. This is for the relationship of the staffs to their customers. Are they friendly? Masungit or ill-tempered? Accommodating? Always with a smile?

Hear – this is for you to my beloved readers. I want to hear what you have to say. Have you been to this place? I will try to insert some sites from other people who’ve been to this place.

Rating – scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

I hope that our review system will work to help out other veggie loving peeps out there. Packed with a camera, notebook and an empty stomach, we are ready to rumble.

vegetarian faux sardines

Yep, you are reading it right. Sardines? Homaygawd?!? Nope, this is not what you are thinking. This is something very simple and easy.  Today, i will share something we tried a couple of days ago. I must mention that none of our aquatic friends were hurt during the making of this dish :p. Of course, none of them and our other friends, that’s why I’m vegetarian.  Also, I love Bruce, the very witty shark and his quote of “Fish are friends, not food.”

So here’s what happened, in the evening we cooked some bbq gluten and little did we know and that we don’t have any stocks of fresh veggies and tofu among other stuff. It’s a must to always check your stocks before cooking at night as we have very limited fresh markets here in the Philippines. Well, lesson learned.  We tried to improvised and by that, we used the ingredients that we have. Creativity comes when you are hungry sometimes :) This is what we are able to come up with.

our vegetarian faux sardines


4 cloves of garlic – crushed, 1 whole onion – sliced, a can of baked beans (any brand and should just be tomato based), 4 or 5 nori seaweed sheets – cut into strips (depends on the size of your baked beans)

How to cook:

In a medium skillet put at least 2 tbsp of olive oil and sauté the garlic. Once golden, add the onions until they are bit caramelized. Add the baked beans and make sure not to crush the beans. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Lastly, add the seaweed strips. Bring to a boil and stir occasionally. I noticed that the seaweeds will most likely melt so make sure that you don’t overcook and leave at least some seaweeds strips, like that on the photo. I am not good with measuring ingredients so please feel free to experiment as per your needs.

I call this dish vegetarian faux sardines” because adding the seaweeds to a can of baked beans with tomato sauce kinda resemble a sardines, only healthier :).  

Happy eating! :)


Did you try this dish? If so, let me know what you think? I’m happy to hear your experience.

Tofu, Camote tops and Veggie paste

If you are in a hurry or have only a few minutes to spare and really, really wants to eat, you should try this quick fix.

fried tofu, vegetarian fermented paste and camote (sweet potato) tops

Of course we all have stocks of tofu in our fridge daily. As a vegetarian, I find it very important to have one, just in case of emergency. So this meal does not really take much of your time. Basically, you just need to fry the tofu and make sure that you cover it with some breadings to make it somehow crunchy. I use those locally available and just read the labels to be safe. :) I have some stalks of camote (sweet potato) tops and all you have to do is to remove the leaves and bring it to a quick boil. Make sure you won’t over boil as it will wither and i bet the vitamins gone. We don’t want that to happen so just a quick boil. Then, I have some ready-made vegetarian fermented paste or what we call bagoong here in the Philippines. This vegetarian paste made of black beans, tofu, chili, garlic and onions. I will write about how to make one soon. Make sure you just scoop enough for the camote (sweet potato) tops.

That’s it. Ready meal in 10 minutes. :)Very nutritious and quick. I was also able to check some of the benefits of camote tops just in case.

Happy eating!


This is our veggie blog.  It’s plant-based so it is either raw, vegan, lacto-vegetarian (i don’t eat eggs) or the other varieties of vegetarianism.

I’ve tried to create blogs from the past but I guess this is what I am at least knowledgeable enough to keep up. I will create budget-friendly recipes, review products that we use or even review some of our favorite restaurants around the metro or if lucky, even overseas.

I will try to categorize my recipes based on the varieties that I am using and make it economical, sustainable and non-karmic. To inspire me, I created a slogan for this blog:

If it is sustainable then it is economical. If it is economical then it is good for the environment. If it is good for the environment then it is good for our planet. If it is good for our planet then it is good for our body. If we have a good and healthy body, we can use this in service to the Supreme.

L and M.


GULAY is vegetable in our native language.


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