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Hello! Hello! Hello!

Hello my dear friends! I can’t believe its been 1 year and 5 months since I last posted something in my blog. I am not event expecting that my blog will still be up this time but lo and behold, I am back. Can I just say it is sooo good to be back. I missed you and I have so much happening in my head right now that I want to share but I will do it one blog at a time. How does that sound? Too awesome for a comeback :)

I promise to keep this blog active from now on. Are you with me? :)


I’m BACK!!!

Sorry for the uber long hiatus my dear friends. Been busy with work and I promise to update you more!


Happy New Year!!!

Happy wonderful 2013 to all!!!

I am grateful and blessed for the year that was and I am hoping for the same this year.

I am sharing this wonderful photo I saw online to encourage us to be more veg this year ;)


Let's go VEG

Let’s go VEG


*thanks Google for the photo.

on the road

I have to apologize for not updating my blog. I’ve been very busy with work and we are now on the road somewhere north of our homeland.

I got too excited when my vegetarian boss came to visit last month which is a bit unplanned and I’m supposed to share it but I am still speechless about our experience and until now, my article is not done yet. I promise to share this don’t worry.

I will also share with you the places that we will visit during this trip. Also, I have many things to write about that I just learned from my veggie lovin blog friends. Thank you so much!

Ciao for now!!!

Mobile blogging

Hello veggie lovin peeps! I know its been a while but I am currently testing this gadget that I bought (just a second hand one) for my blogging needs since I am always away. I know Christmas is just around the corner and I am praying that we will all be remembering the true spirit of this event. Merry Christmas to all!


Please forgive me for not blogging this month of November. Pretty swamped with work and some travels. I have many articles ready but they’re still stuck in my head somewhere. I’ ve written notes to make sure I remember what to write. Next week, as the holiday season approaches, I promise to write more. Oh, that is after my another one week vacation! ;-)


This is our veggie blog.  It’s plant-based so it is either raw, vegan, lacto-vegetarian (i don’t eat eggs) or the other varieties of vegetarianism.

I’ve tried to create blogs from the past but I guess this is what I am at least knowledgeable enough to keep up. I will create budget-friendly recipes, review products that we use or even review some of our favorite restaurants around the metro or if lucky, even overseas.

I will try to categorize my recipes based on the varieties that I am using and make it economical, sustainable and non-karmic. To inspire me, I created a slogan for this blog:

If it is sustainable then it is economical. If it is economical then it is good for the environment. If it is good for the environment then it is good for our planet. If it is good for our planet then it is good for our body. If we have a good and healthy body, we can use this in service to the Supreme.

L and M.


GULAY is vegetable in our native language.


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