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Oh My Gulay, Baguio City, PH

This is my first official entry for my RR segment. I will just keep it simple and based on the category I made.

Oh My Gulay

Sight: Located in  La Azotea Bldg along Session Road. We’re glad that our guesthouse is near this establishment and we can just walk for about 10 mins to be here. Very nice place.  Almost every one in Baguio knows this place based on our experience. I would say very naturesque and its like being on a different dimension.  Unique chairs and tables. Wonderful view. We also got to met the wife of the owner but I think she’s in a bad mood or must be busy because of the upcoming exhibit that will happen that evening.

Smell: Earthy smell, probably because of the plants inside this establishment. Refreshing. There’s even a small pond inside which is cool.

Taste: We enjoyed our food although it took us about 30 mins before we can even order. Funny thing is, this is a big place and yet there’s like 3 of 4 staff. Not sure if the other 3 are manning the kitchen as I am only seeing one staff asking for orders, delivering and cleaning table. I’m proud of her but , with this kind of  place and price, you deserve a fast service. We ordered the famous salad, some pasta, desserts and hot choco for me. The salad is very refreshing with the lovely dressing on it. :) As for the pasta, quite a large serving which made us full. The hot choco is not what I expected but I liked it. The dessert if a crepe which is a bit of a mediocre. Let me also say that at one point we were a bit upset with their serving. We ordered a veggie bread and we specifically asked for the eggs be removed and the waitress said yes. Lo and behold, when our order came you can see the eggs in it. We kindly asked the waitress to replace the sandwich but I doubt if they really replaced it. Considering the price of the food, we managed to eat it anyways as the eggs are gone. For what we ate (2 pasta, veggie sandwich, a salad, a crepe, hot choco and juice), we end up spending roughly P800 or $20 for both of us. Not bad or bad? :)

Touch: Very friendly waitress. She deserve a pat in the back. As for the other guys, I think they could offer some help by going the extra mile to help. Like this one guy who we saw, we asked him if he can clean our table and take our order, he hastily replied that he’s on break. Yeah! As if cleaning the table and giving us the menu would consume your break time.

Hear: I would recommend this site for more info. I use this every time or all the time I might say when we travel so might as well share it here. Oh My Gulay by HappyCow

Rate:  3. not too good and not too bad :)


Resto Reviews

Allow me to introduce the other part of my blog which I call the RR segment or Resto Review/s. In the future, you will definitely see more reviews coming (if our budget permits) while we keep a low profile. We want to really see what each resto has to offer in their usual state and not because a writer/blogger is there to write about them. Since we are vegetarians, we will only feature vegetarian, vegan and veg*n friendly places. Maybe some health stores as well. No place for cruelty here, entiendes?!?

Each review is based only on our personal experience, how the food tasted, the place and some other stuff. Also, we pay for our own food. How I wish it will be free BUT we are veggie undercover agents so no act of enticement or bribery of free veggie food will alter us. hahaha :)

Fast forward now. How we review? I made up a factor system below to help out other veg out there or my readers (if any :0 ) to decide whether to go there or not. I based them on the our five senses. A good way to make those senses active. Hope this can help.

Sight – how we perceive the place. The physical attribute of the resto and then some.  Proper lighting? Beautiful landscapes? Squeaky Clean? Hygienic? Eccentric tables and chairs? I will also add on this part at least the “how to get to the resto” kind of stuff since we don’t have a car.

Smell – the mood and character of the place. Relaxing? feels like you’re on a different place? Hippie type? Did it smell of spices?

Taste – this is where our taste buds is tested. we will always keep an open mind and empty stomach :) in each place.

Touch – not the touch that you are thinking. I decided to tweak this factor since touch is somewhat synonymous feelings. This is for the relationship of the staffs to their customers. Are they friendly? Masungit or ill-tempered? Accommodating? Always with a smile?

Hear – this is for you to my beloved readers. I want to hear what you have to say. Have you been to this place? I will try to insert some sites from other people who’ve been to this place.

Rating – scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

I hope that our review system will work to help out other veggie loving peeps out there. Packed with a camera, notebook and an empty stomach, we are ready to rumble.

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