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Love-nder cleanse day

Warning!! This post is heavy with photos :)

For now, these are the foods that we prepared during the workshop. Somehow or another, they are all related in helping a person detox. Learned so much and we have yet to do the detox. Will talk more about that soon. In the meantime, ENJOY!!!


chia seeds soaked in pili milk with fresh fruits and a dash of maca powder


raw brocco and cauli, mixed with olive oil and calamansi with himalayan salt


gluta salad




red and white quinoa with nori sheets


our table


salad galore


carrot beet soup with kelp noodles, wakame, nori and wansoy


our bowls


the very radiant energy of raw salad


omega 3 herbs


dressing…sorry forgot the name :)


raw salad mandala


our raw soup up close


my first plate


my second :)

This is my first time to attend workshops like these and I have so much more to join this Month.

Hi October. please be nice! :)


The LOVE-nder cleanse

As you know by now, we are back to our humble abode after a few weeks of traipsing in Mindanao. During our vacation, we ate some junk foods here and there as well as sodas. Grabe, I made a vow not to eat them but I am only human. LOL :) I need to detox!!! Now naaa.

Without any further ado, I am attending this workshop this coming weekend. Actually, I have some other workshops lined up to attend this month of September but this is the first one so far. I will post the rest of the events that I will join so if you are interested, you can try them too. Sounds good?!? :)

Anyways, I’ve wanted to try the RAW diet pero ang hirap, hahaha! Imagine, NOT-COOKING-YOUR-FOOD to get the nutrients first hand. I know it’s very matipid but thats a different story.  This weekend, is like the starter course of getting into the RAW diet. Now, I am not only attending to cleanse out from the junk that we’ve digested in the past weeks, months,etc but also for my hubby. He’s got Hepa B and it is important for us to make sure that his liver is protected amidst that disease. Buti nalang, he is slowly shifting to the vegetarian diet  way way back even before he got that disease (blame it on the turo-turo food).

Here is the poster from Dahon Kusina. I think they are the pioneer in introducing this workshop and they are very well-known in the RAW community here in the Philippines.


So this workshop aims to help us in cleansing and detoxing. We’ve tried DIY detox before but we are giving a formal method of leaning it a try :), though we just have to spend a few pesos for that.

Let me share some excerpts from their site about this upcoming workshop.

Cleansing and detox is a crucial step in clearing our body of both physical and emotional toxins that have accumulated over the years.

In this workshop, learn some protocols that you can choose from (from mild to heavy), learn all about the importance and functions of the liver in the detoxification process – all while learning some easy-to-prepare recipes that aim to support your cleanse.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
To register, you may email or send us a PM.
They have a limit of 12 participants only, so be sure to book in advance.

Pink little sprouts

Sorry for the über delayed post, I’ve been so busy with everything . I am also planning on changing my blog so it is something that I look forward to in the next few months.

Fast forward, let me share something that I did for the first time.  It’s my first time to actually try sprouting and boy do they look so cute.  I tried on some mung beans or monggo.

pink little sprouts

They are pinkish and are the freshest sprouts unlike those found in the market, looking suffocated in those plastics. I suggest that we all try this every once in a while. It’s very healthy and sustainable.

For those who have no idea with sprouting, i just search the net and found decent information. I am also in the process of sprouting other seeds and will definitely share it here. In the meantime, let me share a site that I find really useful, Primalseeds.

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