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Sweet tooth crazy

Again, please forgive me for not updating. I’ve been busy with work until i realized that i haven’t updated my online version of me :).

So just to share, since my work requires a lot of energy (in a good way and im happy with i do by the way), i’ve been snacking on some cupcakes baked by friends. They’re eggless, karma-less and delish! They humbly call themselves “Straight from the Hearth”
How cool is that!

Here’s their version of passion fruit and toffee walnut cupcake.
And did i mention i ate the whole box.


passion fruit and toffee nut cupcake


Merry Christmas! Maligayang Pasko

May we not forget the real meaning of this day! Merry Christmas to all! Since i am a lacto veg and trying to be vegan/raw soon, i found this nifty little apps for us veggie lovers. The best part of this apps is that it’s free! Here’s how it look!


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