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Meet Flera

I love plants. But getting them indoors without making them wither is almost impossible.  I tried to buy those 3 for P100 mini potted plants but after a few days, they’re gone. I guess putting them on my table is not a good solution after all.

On a recent trip to one of the largest malls here in Manila, it’s been ages since I’ve been to one. I stumbled upon this lovely and enticing store or should I say outlet. The name is Miura and they sell indoor and hydro culture plants.  It seems that the store is calling me so without any further ado, I found myself asking and asking for these little beauties cutely potted in those little ceramics. I waited for my cousin, who like me, is very much interested to get one. We looked and looked for every corner, stand and layers to find the perfect little buddy for our tables. I found mine and he found his.

Ladies and gents, meet my flera. Yes, flera is her name.

my table companion

I named it like that so that I will remember that it is somehow related to her scientific name being Schefflera arboricola or the Dwarf Umbrella Tree. Not bad for the price of P150.  The plant is soilless except those pebbles that I think is a substitute and can live with very little water.  Very little dirt and housed in those pastel colored ceramics. I think they have a branch in those major malls so you can’t miss them. They have lots of plants and you can’t miss finding the right plant for you.

The challenge now is to see how long flera will last. I heard that some have their indoor plants for almost a year. I hope flera, my mini tree will and maybe longer. With some tender, loving care, I know that we will come a long way.


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