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The day of Easy Vegetarian Christmas Special


eggless bibingka


eggless mayo or soyanaise




eggless salad


my full plate with bibingka, salad and the bonus vegetarian relleno

Isn’t it wonderful to be VEG. With these foods, you will never go back to being carnivorous again.

If you need recipes, I will post it here.

Again, forgive me if i didn’t say this will be picture heavy.

Photos taken by my nifty iPhone4s.


30 is a lucky number

Guess what?!?

Today I turned 30.

So on this special day, i asked my baker friends from Straight from the heartH to make a cake for me. This is what i asked them. Since we are lacto-veg, i didn’t have any problems requesting for my cake to be vegan and eggless.

For your visual pleasure


my cake

Hubby got the cake in Manila and look how heavy it is :0


see how thick the cake is :)


tadaaa!!! sliced by the birthday girl

Take a bite. It’s alright.

I am thankful to the Lord for another year. A year full of blessings, love and everything under the sun.


If you are interested in contacting Straight from the heartH for you vegetarian cakes, cupcakes and bars. Email me and will give you their contact info. Thanks
I am grateful every day.

Sweet tooth crazy

Again, please forgive me for not updating. I’ve been busy with work until i realized that i haven’t updated my online version of me :).

So just to share, since my work requires a lot of energy (in a good way and im happy with i do by the way), i’ve been snacking on some cupcakes baked by friends. They’re eggless, karma-less and delish! They humbly call themselves “Straight from the Hearth”
How cool is that!

Here’s their version of passion fruit and toffee walnut cupcake.
And did i mention i ate the whole box.


passion fruit and toffee nut cupcake

Minatamis na Saba with a twist

Bananas. We, Filipinos love them. Every part of the Banana tree is useful. Some we can eat and some we can use for cooking and other stuff. Today, we decided to cooked the traditional minatamis na Saba or Sweetened Cardaba banana with a twist. Funny that I have to Google Saba for the benefit of other readers. This dessert  is very simple and I bet you and your lovely kiddies will love it. You can even serve this for snack.

To cook, again, I’m not a fan of measurement so you can just decide how you will measure depending on the number of people who will eat.


10 Ripe Saba – cut into wedges, Brown or Muscovado Sugar, Water, Butter and Cinnamon powder. I used 1 cup of sugar and the same for the water. Feel free to experiment on your desired consistency if you want to add more water or sugar.

How to cook:

On a medium heat, put the banana, water and sugar in your pan and cover. Bring to a boil or until the the banana is soft when you stick a fork in  it. Once you have that consistency, add the butter. I used about 1/8 cup and then lastly, put 1 tbsp. of cinnamon powder. Let it sit for a few minutes and then serve. I suggest that you don’t put ice because the butter will solidify and this dessert is best served hot.

Here’s the actual photo. Can you see the cinnamon and the buttery syrup with sugar is just delicioso! Making Dora happy! :D

So there, regular Filipino dessert with a twist. Our version of Minatamis na Saba with a twist. Enjoy!

sweetened saba with butter and cinnamon

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