Eat your gulay

Let's go veg in the Philippines

30 is a lucky number

Guess what?!?

Today I turned 30.

So on this special day, i asked my baker friends from Straight from the heartH to make a cake for me. This is what i asked them. Since we are lacto-veg, i didn’t have any problems requesting for my cake to be vegan and eggless.

For your visual pleasure


my cake

Hubby got the cake in Manila and look how heavy it is :0


see how thick the cake is :)


tadaaa!!! sliced by the birthday girl

Take a bite. It’s alright.

I am thankful to the Lord for another year. A year full of blessings, love and everything under the sun.


If you are interested in contacting Straight from the heartH for you vegetarian cakes, cupcakes and bars. Email me and will give you their contact info. Thanks
I am grateful every day.


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