Eat your gulay

Let's go veg in the Philippines

Filipino-style Buko Steak

Yes, you read it right. This dish is about coconut meat or Buko in our native tongue. Buko bistek, Buko steak or Coconut stew, as I might call it.

We all know the many benefits our lovely coconut can give us.  I think, this is the only tree where every part of it is consumed without fail. From the coconut juice, to its trunk, and its dried husk. No wonder this is also known as the Tree of Life. 

Fast forward to my dish, this was an improvisation made by my partner. He’s been cooking for several years now and this dish never fail to give that “what’s this” impression.  To start with this dish, you have buy at least 2 coconut. Make sure that you let the seller pick the young ones and they are very good at it. It seems that they can decipher the coconut just by merely knocking on it using their knife or machetes. You can drink the coconut juice and I would recommend that you do for many health reasons.


2 whole coconut meat, cut into thin strips. Garlic. Soy sauce. Vinegar. Sugar and pepper to taste. Parsley for garnishing.

How to cook:

Basically, combine the thin strips of coconut in soy sauce, lemon juice or vinger, garlic, and ground pepper. Marinate for a few minutes. For the marinate mixture, you just have to measure accordingly as you wish but it’s a combination of soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and a dash of sugar. I really suggest that you do this first so that the coconut meat will absorb the flavor and no one will ever find out that this is actually a coconut. :)

marinated coconut meat

Once done, you have to fry the coconut meat and drain the oil after. Over medium heat, be ready to sauté some garlic in a skillet. Add the fried coconut milk and immediately add the marinated mixture.  Let it simmer until you can smell the aroma. This is like that of our Adobo. Wherein, the Filipinos are very famous of.

And the product. Tara, Kain tayo! (Let’s eat)

Buko Steak or Bistek


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