Eat your gulay

Let's go veg in the Philippines

Moringa is love

A couple of day before I went to my birth town, we decided to quick some pasta using the ingredients available in our kitchen. A quick view gives us the linguine, tofu, garlic and some home-made pesto.  We loved doing the pesto pasta but this time we thought about incorporating something that is abundant in our garden. Allow me to introduce Moringa. I figured that if you add the stems while blending, the sauce would become a bit bitter, so the tip is to only get the leaf.

Moringa pasta

I used cheese so this is not vegan but you can replace that with something else if you like.


Pasta, Garlic, Tofu, Onions, Mushrooms, Moringa leaves,  Pesto paste, Olive oil and Cheese for topping.

I don’t like measurements so it’s up to you depending on your desired servings. ;)

How to cook:

Pasta – cook it as per the package instruction. Don’t over cook as it tends to be soggy.

For the Moringa sauce – combine the moringa leaves and olive oil in your blender. Blend until even consistency and there’s no more whole leaves left. Set aside. You can experiment by adding the garlic directly.

To prepare, I first fry the tofu. Just enough crunchy or maybe until golden brown in color, like that of the garlic. :) Set aside. Put some olive oil in your pan then add the garlic. Once golden, you can then add the onions and the mushroom. The key is not to crowd the mushroom so if you have a bigger pan, you can put the garlic and onions at the side. Once done, you can add pesto paste first and make sure to cook it thoroughly. Once the aroma is all over your kitchen, I would suggest that you now put the moringa sauce. Mix. Add salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil and then add the pasta. You can just cook the sauce and not combine the pasta if you like but since this is not really that saucy, I combine them just to even out the flavor. That should do it. You can cook this in 20 minutes or less.

This is a very nutritional food especially for the kids who don’t really like the real moringa. Blending it something familiar will make their taste bud happy and their body healthy.

Happy cooking!


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