Eat your gulay

Let's go veg in the Philippines

Pancake experiment

You might want to try this for breakfast. :)

I call this White chocolate mango pancake. Simply because it has small white chocolates and some mangoes. I made two sets because the first one is a failure but still tasted good. I actually put the mangoes on top while the pancake is cooking on the other side. I am using a regular pan by the way and I am very much considering buying a pancake maker :)

Experiment #1

the first pancake experiment

I think what I did wrong was mixing the mangoes. Although i mashed it first, the heat of the pan eventually burned the mangoes. As you can see on the photo, the mangoes and the white chocolate melted but they’re oh so heavenly. You can try this if you have a pancake maker :)

Experiment #2

the second pancake :)

I think this is the successful pancake for the day. Instead of adding the mangoes while the pancake is in the pan, I just used it as a topping.  You can also try to use other fruits, I’ve tried bananas so far and have yet to try other fruits. For bananas since they are not that watery, I put the mashed banana on the pancake mixture before cooking. In addition, I tried the white chocolates for the first time instead of using sugar and the melting experience is awesome.


Any vegetarian/vegan friendly pancake mix, some fresh fruits and little white chocolates.

How to cook:

Cook it like the regular pancake with the aid of a pancake maker and then either put the fruit on top before closing the lid of your machine. You can also try to use it as a topping instead just like what I did on the second photo because I use an ordinary pan and my pancake got burned. :)

I am happy with the result and the people who tasted this was happy as well. I think this will be a big hit on children and oh not to mention adults like me.

Happy eating!


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